Lip Service West: Everyone Has a Story

Beast Crawl is back!

As always the wine and HOT DOGS are FREE!.

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A former scream queen and faerie princess, Justine Clifford has settled down to enjoy a life of motherhood … while pretending she lives in 1897 London.

Christina Ingenito is a writer, solo artist, choral singer, psychotherapist, and … troublemaker. Her current show, We Interrupt This Life to Bring You, will come to Petaluma this summer.

Ryan Leone wrote the cult classic novel Wasting Talent while serving time in federal prison for his involvement with an international drug cartel.

Patrick O’Neil is the author of the memoir Gun, Needle, Spoon. A PEN Center USA Mentor, he teaches at AULA and LAVC. For more information, please visit:

Tom Stern iTom Stern is the author of the novel Sutterfeld, You Are Not A Hero, published by Rare Bird Books. He is also the writer/director of the feature films Half-Dragon Sanchez and This Is A Business.