Lip Service West: Everyone Has a Story

Join us for the next Lip Service West this spring!
Friday, April 17
Pegasus Books
2349 Shattuck Ave
7:30 p.m.
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Cassandra Dallett lives in Oakland CA. She writes poetry and memoir of a counter culture childhood in Vermont and her ongoing adolescence in the San Francisco Bay Area. Cassandra has published in Slip Stream, Enizagam, The Criminal Class Review, Sparkle and Blink among many others. A full length book of poetry Wet Reckless was just released from Manic D Press.

Jamie DeWolf is a performer, filmmaker, showman, teacher, and artist from Oakland, CA. His numerous accomplishments can be found at

Bryce Landes was viviparously ejected from a womb with a view, just like everybody else; unlike most of them, this occurred in 1972 at hickory, North Carolina, a town known for its furniture, rednecks and several “waffle house” restaurants. It was an otherwise inconsequential pit stop for his parents, who were travelling back to his mother’s hometown, Manhattan. Bryce started writing short stories in jail a year ago, due to a perceived lack of any other constructive activity to occupy his time. He has thus far limited his literary endeavors to short, autobiographical non-fiction. Ironically enough for a lifelong musician with ensemble experience of many kinds, he has a history of “not playing well with others.” He writes in (but cannot speak) Arabic.

Jackie Davis Martin has had stories and essays published journals including, Flash, Flashquake, Fastforward, JAAM, 34th Parallel and Sleet. Her most recent work is in Bluestem, Enhance, Counterexample Poetics, and Fractured West and upcoming in Fiction Attic and Dogzplot and several anthologies. Her novella Extracurricular was a finalist in the Press 53 Awards of 2011. A memoir, Surviving Susan, was published in 2013. Jackie has taught high school English on both coasts and presently teaches at City College of San Francisco.

Teri Skultety writes completely without restriction to genre, a preference for dark fiction, the macabre of suburbia, and poetry. Her work has been published with Juked, Punchnel’s, Phantasmagorium, Solarcide, and Revolt Daily, among other places, and included in several recent anthologies. She loves the city, and got sucked into all of this writing thing for good thanks to Kerouac. Teri currently lives in Modesto, California with her husband and their dogs. Her son recently turned twenty-one.