Lip Service West: Everyone Has a Story

Join us for the first show of the New Year. Regular Bat-Channel, regular Bat-Time!

Staring Seinfeld writer Peter Mehlman!

As always the wine and HOT DOGS are FREE!


This evening’s performance is dedicated to Don Grant, long-time videographer for Lip Service West, who passed away last Christmas. We’ll miss you, friend.
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Jason Buchholz is a novelist, editor, publisher, and visual artist who has spent the majority of his forty-something years in and out of the cities, universities, and police stations of the San Francisco bay area. His debut novel, A Paper Son, came out in January – it’s about family and identity, immigration and xenophobia, California history, and the power of storytelling. He lives in El Cerrito with his wife and son.

Steven Gray has lived in San Francisco since before there were computers and people would communicate by sending smoke signals with their cigarettes.  He has a book of poems called Jet Shock and Culture Lag.

Allison Landa is a professional liar and oversharer. If you see a red Mazda with a bumper sticker that says “Baby up in this bitch,” tell her hello. Stalk her at

Peter Mehlman has written for the Washington Post and SportsBeat with Howard Cosell, as well as contributing to numerous national publications including the New York Times Magazine, GQ, Esquire, etc.  In 1989 he moved to Los Angeles where, a year later, he wrote the first Seinfeld freelance episode, “The Apartment.” Over the run of the show, Mehlman rose to executive producer and coined such Seinfeld-isms as “Yada Yada” “spongeworthy,” “shrinkage” and “double-dipping.” In 2014 his first novel was published, It Won’t Always Be This Great.

John Panzer screwed up. Royally. He lost the man he loved to his own bad choices, and now writes from a broken heart, a heart broken open. John won the Samuel C. Irving Prize for American Whit and Humor at the University of California Berkeley, where he studies as an undergraduate. John wants you to know it’s an honor and a grace to learn how to write and read with the family of writing friends that is Lip Service West.